Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It starts with a sewing store

I had high hopes of being able to write almost daily about the progress of QUILTED, but it turns out I'm much too busy here in Wroclaw to find time to sit down and write while also near an internet connection. I've found just such a moment, but must leave very soon to attend a performance of the Open Program (of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards) at an ancient bar here in town called Kalambur.

I've been doing all sorts of small work in preparation for QUILTED, which begins this Thursday morning (I've been thinking it was FRIDAY!) at 10am. The above photo is of the first store I went in to to inquire about sewing communities in the area. The owners are Irish and the woman who spoke with me was very helpful though she said she herself much prefers drinking beer and watching Football to sewing. In any case, she gave me the number of a group of women who get together to sew and crochet. We've since contacted these women (they don't speak English so I've enlisted the help of a Polish friend) and it is possible they will participate.

The way in which I found this shop was quite serendipitous but I'll have to save that story for NEXT time. (Fear not, I'm keeping all of this stuff fallow in the mind so that I can complete the story even if it is well after the ending takes place...)

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