Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Yet another blog?!" you ask...

Hello faithful readers (Aunt Louise and Mom)!

This is a semi-professional (read VERY semi) journal of the days leading up to what will be a very interesting international community project...if I do my homework...which I certainly plan to do.

I am currently in Wroclaw, Poland, where I am helping with a number of various projects and daily tasks (babysitting included) for the next month, but in approximately two weeks, one of the main reasons for my being here will begin: Zero Budget Festival. ZBF is being put on by the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards as well as hosted by the Grotowski Institute. If this is all Polish to you, don't worry...I plan to explain myself in much more detail in the coming days.

How I got to this point is a long, lovely story (in my mind at least) but all that you truly need to know to understand what this blog will be about is this: I was sent a call for proposals by a member of the Workcenter (also known as Lloyd) and I submitted one and now I find myself working to prepare for QUILTED, which is the name of my project and has a more official subtitle that I cannot at the moment quite remember.

Because I only decided to create a blog about this project an hour ago and because I am using the Internet in my roommate's room, I will leave you for now...but I wanted to post SOMETHING, and here it is. I think I'll go ahead and post the proposal and try to make sense at a later date.

Buona notte! (I need to learn some Polish!)

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