Friday, October 30, 2009

From the front...

I am writing from a cave of an internet cafe that sits in the alley across from the Institute. It is now day two of QUILTED and already many things have occurred and changes are being made in how the project will proceed. Yesterday, there were six participants: myself, Teresa from Chile and the Workcenter, Jessica from France and the Workcenter, Anya from Poland, Alicja (pronounced Alizia) from Poland and Iva from Bulgaria.

Today, it was just me sewing, but I have a feeling QUILTED will now continue throughout the festival and there are two possibilities for me to join sewing circles here in the community outside of the festival. This is a terribly short post with little information, but it
is an update from the front and I'm late for lunch, which is NOT a good thing. More later...and photos too!

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  1. hope the rest of the bee goes well lillis! sounds like a very cool project.